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Gloriole’s LC Loopback adapter/attenuator are available in SM, MM and APC versions.

The applications are manufacturing test, quality control and field trouble shooting.

Gloriole’s LC Loopback features small size to save space and hang hole included, easy to carry.

LC Loopback is able to insert into above 2-port LC adapter.



Item LC Loopback
Mode Single Multi
Wavelength 1310nm and 1550nm 850nm for 1~6dB
1310nm or 1550nm 850nm / 1300nm for 0dB
Range(dB) 0~25 0~6
Insertion Loss 0dB ≦ 1dB
1~10dB ±1dB ≦ 6dB ±1dB
11~25dB ±15% X
Reflectance PC ≧ 45dB X
UPC ≧ 50dB
APC Super ≧ 60dB ; Ultra ≧ 65dB
Operating Temp. (℃) -40℃ ~ +75℃
Storage Temp. (℃) -40℃ ~ +85℃


* Precise attenuation value
* Excellent reflectance
* Flawless end face
* Compact design