Guarantee of Optimal Optical Performance:
Gloriole Electroptic Technology (GET) Corp was set up in 2000. In the beginning, through NTT-AT technology transfer of MU Connector & Adapter, GET dedicates to upgrade polish means to obtain the level of "Flawless" end-face of Zirconia ferrule, i.e. --- no scratch, no pit, no chip and no blemish. Furthermore, checked by Interferometer, most of Zr ferrule components reach to the standard of Master Cord or Masterpiece.

Meanwhile, GET takes advantage of accurate alignment and package technique to make variable optical attenuator, collimator, Switch and WDM. GET also assemble Patch Cord (Jumper), Attenuator (Fixed or Variable) and Terminator.

In 2011, GET Corp. got a certificate of ISO 9001-2008 and joined as one of the LC Alliance members. GET Corp. is one of LC licensees to manufacture LC standard connector, unibody connector and adapter.

Please visit OFS LC Alliance website at:

1.Insertion Loss: <= 0.15 dB (Patch Cord)
± 5% (Attenuator, over 5 dB)
2. Return Loss: >= 56 dB (PC)
>= 67 dB (APC)
End Face Geometry
End Face Geometry

Optical Fiber Passive Components Manufacturer
Gloriole Electroptic Technology Corp. is a professional manufacturer of Optical Fiber Passive Components in Taiwan for many years. Our main products include Optical Attenuator, Optical Fiber Adapter, Optical Switch, Optical Terminator, Connector, Patch Cord, Optical Node Cable, and Optical Fiber Coupler. In addition, we also provide Patented Products such as LC Connector, LC Adapter, MU Adapter, and LC Connector Kits with high quality. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for Reliable Fiber Optic Components Manufacturer.

Gloriole GR Lab

Main Product:

  • Optical Fiber Passive Components
  • Optical Fiber Adapter
  • Optical Attenuator
  • Optical Switch
  • LC Connector